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Re: Need advice about 16 month old!

It is all about repetition at that age and what she is doing is normal. However, now that she is getting closer to 18 months, you might consider a stronger action instead of just redirection. If one of my girls or daycare kids is constantly being too rough with me, I tell them no and then move away from them. They do not get attention for being rough. They are shown the right way to act. You might be sending the wrong message to you daughter by sitting there and after saying no, then cuddling. If she is wanting attention, she is certainly getting it and not really getting anything major for consistently being too aggressive with mom. This might sound harsh for some parents but I do not allow kids to hit me, etc. Eventually they usually start treating other kids or animals this way and that is definitely not okay. I am not saying she is doing these actions with bad intentions, she might really think it is fun and an okay way to play. It is up to you to teach her otherwise. I also give timeouts starting at this age. There is no time limit, it is more about taking them away from the situation and they can come back to play whenever they are ready to follow the rules. Sometimes take 10 seconds, sometimes a few minutes.
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