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Re: Baby Leash?

Originally Posted by megk23 View Post
I'd much rather get nasty looks from random people at an airport than end up on TV crying because my kid got lost at an airport. Anything can happen in just a couple seconds where you think DH is watching him, but he thinks youa re and you both look for something in a bag and poof.....

Originally Posted by Terra View Post

If people don't like me using it or think it's disgusting, they don't have to look and thankfully it's not their kids

We love it!

Your ds is so cute!
I have a monkey, we bought it when ds1 was a toddler and use it at our county fair and anyplace else where there are crowds.
I hear people talk badly about them and all, I'd love for someone to come up to me with that attitude and open there trap about the harness though.
I think they would really freak out if they chose to say something stupid to me, I am not one who takes things lightly and I would be all up in their face. I am protective of my children and am ready to attack if anyone comes in my circle of protecting my kids and has something negative to say.
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