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Re: Baby Leash?

Originally Posted by Janine View Post
I see no problem with them. I never understood why some people get all bent out of shape over it. I can tell my daughter not to bolt till I'm blue in the face, but kids do what kids do. Her safety is my priority and if something like a monkey backpack "leash" allows me to ensure her safety without causing her any harm whatsoever, then I'm all for it. Places like airports are so crowded and can be dangerous for little ones. I wouldn't think twice about any parent using one of these.
exactly. There were a few other threads about these awhile back. Id rather my kiddo get exercise and walk around in a crowded place safely than be restrained in a car seat/stroller all day long. Have you ever tried holding your arm up for long periods of time? yeah, it isn't comfortable and I wouldn't force my child to do it while holding hands with an adult either. To go from car, to stroller/carrier, to plane, to stroller/carrier, to car, is torture to me.
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