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Re: where to start... assessing my child's intelligence?

Originally Posted by rosefall View Post
I would also suggest reading the chapter in Nurture Shock about intelligence testing. It does a good job of talking about what types of tests are good when, and why. Also why testing young often isn't a good predictor of future performance.
This. I listened to a public radio interview with these authors and it made me laugh about the way we handle "giftedness" in our culture. I was tested at a young age, school wanted to me to skip 3rd grade but my mom wasn't comfortable with that. Am I a little smarter than the average person? Maybe. I learn things really easily and comprehend complex material with little to no effort. But seriously? I think parents are obsessed with giftedness. I'm pretty sure at least half of the kids out there have done the things people have listed on this thread as evidence of their child's "advanced" status.

As for op's specific question, I wouldn't worry about testing the poor child. Honestly, what can a test at the age of 2 REALLY tell us? That's like testing 12-month-olds on their walking ability and then using it to determine future athletic prowess. It's useless. I'm sure lots of super athletes walked later than 12 months. Kids develop at incredibly different paces and they develop different skills at different times.

As for schooling options, if you can, I would homeschool him. That way you can always have the material right on the level that is best for him. Plus, you don't have to deal with all the labels (even the positive ones) that schools thrust on us. I personally think that my gifted label has never been a service to me and may have been a disservice in many ways.

Sorry, I certainly don't mean to minimize what your son can do. He sounds like he's doing great.
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