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Re: Baby Leash?

Originally Posted by Janine View Post
I see no problem with them. I never understood why some people get all bent out of shape over it. I can tell my daughter not to bolt till I'm blue in the face, but kids do what kids do. Her safety is my priority and if something like a monkey backpack "leash" allows me to ensure her safety without causing her any harm whatsoever, then I'm all for it. Places like airports are so crowded and can be dangerous for little ones. I wouldn't think twice about any parent using one of these.

We have one. I haven't used it in a long time for my older son and my twins are mostly in the stroller since there are 2 of them. But, I would totally use it again if I needed it.

I also used it as a teaching technique for my older son. I had my twins when he was 26 months. So, I had to teach him to stay with us since I didn't have a triple stroller. When he was maybe 2.5 or so, I would put the harness part around him and leave off the leash part. He was allowed to walk next to the stroller, holding on most of the time, with me without being hooked up to the "leash", but if he wondered (or bolted) off, he then had to be hooked to the leash. He learned fast to stay close. Worked wonderfully.
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