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Re: parents of autistic children

hey, he is 3. he has been in speech for almost 1 3/4yrs, ot for almost a year, and behavioral mod therapy for almost 2yrs. he was in play therapy but she didnt do anything that i couldnt do with him so i pulled him from that. he is doing fairly well in speech, but is behind in his gross motor skills, fine motor, and etc like that. and is lacking majorly in the social area as well. also in play. his development according to his ot, is that of about a 13mo to 21mo and a few areas are scattered from 28mos to 31mos. he has always been behind, but has fallen even further behind. at least i know now though and can go from there with what to do next. a friend of mine gave me some info on places i can call and things that i can do to get more info, and my bhmt for my son borrowed me a book to read called playing, laughing and learning with children on the autism spectrum last week when we were discussing how she thought that he was but it was hard to tell because there were a few questionable areas. ive only gotten 2chs read so far well anyways. it is good to know that there are people that i can talk to. thanks

heather marie
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