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1st appt. today and U/S on Friday! (11 wks 2 days)

I finally got my butt in to the doctors today. I skipped the first appt. as I was just too pooped after 5 days of working, and getting up early was not appealing! All went well today, no issues with attitude from the staff about this being my sixth as I was fearing (folks like to make comments), etc etc, but the midwife did voice my own thoughts (that I had kept to myself) that my uterus is large for the weeks I am *supposedly* at ...... I like how they say supposedly, lol. So on Friday I'm off to get my first U/S to make sure I am on my dates AND to rule out a twin pregnancy. DH and I are both not sure if this is a single or a multiple pg, the vibes are off. We both agree that we feel it's a boy but not sure of the actual #. We both usually can get a feel for what we're having way before the U/S (he says he always dreams of the baby and can actually see what they will look like, weird huh??) - I'm still not sure if I would like twins or not, my husband thinks it would be cool, but wow that would add on to our crew! Anyway, can anyone who's had as many pg as I have (or near) tell me if you measured large that early and if it was or was not a multiple? I'm thinking I might be measuring big because this is my sixth....but I could be wrong!!!
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