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Ds has mucous in his throat! How do I get rid of it?

He is only 2 (well he will be 3 in June) and doesn't understand the cough it up thing yet. It woke him up several times last night and made him gag but it didn't come out at all. When he coughs it sound like he has it stuck low in his throat but not necessarily in his chest yet. How do I help him to get rid of it? He is pretty upset about it. He hasn't been sick or anything (he had a tiny bit of diarrea yesterday but was acting totally normal other than that) so this is out of the blue for me. I put some baby vicks on him after he woke up several times last night and then he woke up one more and dh elevated him a bit and he slept till about 7:40 (normal wake up for him lately). He is sad because I told him he isn't allowed to touch his baby sister today because I don't want her to get sick (he wanted to help feed her breakfast bottle). I just feel bad for him and I want to help him get over this! HELP!
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