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Nursing while PG

I know this fits in both sections...but I am picking here.

I Dont know what harper is doing. I think shes weaning...because she wont ask to nurse for a few days and then she asks everyday for a certain amount of time. I have hardly any milk...a couple drops at a time I think (at least thats all I can express) So I know its for comfort and not nourishment. I am NOT going to cut her off though. I think that would be more devastating than anything (she is a very clingy/needy baby) I already know we are going to have ISSUES when her brother is born...she doesnt even like sharing my lap with her older brother whats she going to think when she has to share with the new baby? my point. Now that shes not nursing several times a day my nipples are getting a little tender....

Am I going to have to put up with this for the rest of the pregnancy? Or is there anything that can help?
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