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Re: How long was your baby wearing Mediums?

Originally Posted by SarahJane
My 14 month old son is still in a couple of medium FB's. I sold off most of mine at 12 months thinking he was almost out of them. Then he slimmed down and he's back in them. The rise is short though (he's 33' tall!) so I'll be moving towards all petite's soon. Most other diapers we're in larges (SEZ, GAD). The fit is so different in every diaper. I think he'd be in a medium FF, but we haven't tried them.
I'm thinking this will be the case for us so I'm holding onto my medium FBs even though he seems dangerously close to outgrowing them. How are the petites fitting? Does your son have thin or chubby legs? I'm wondering if I should try a few petites for now but I'm afraid the legs will be too small
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