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Re: Anyone used a post-partum waist cincher/abdominal girdle??

I did casual "binding" in the past but didn't really try it seriously (though only with an ace bandage) until 13 months PP with DD2 when I realized I had a dia, and it STILL helped! So this time I bought an actual binder (this one). Didn't want to pay for a "fancy" one like a Belly Bandit (though this was my 2nd choice) since they're sized, and wrapping was no longer appealing to me. But I'm loving it. Not only has it flattened my belly quickly (I'm barely even 3 days PP) but it helps a lot with the afterpains (KILLING me this 3rd time around!). It hurts a big to take it off after it's been on for a while because the support it provides while wearing (on my back and belly) feels SO good and helps SO much.
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