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Re: parents of autistic children

(((HUGS MOMMA))) Zachary has not been diagnonsed with autisum, but has sensory intergration dysfunction, which is on the spectrum. He's 29 1/2 months old and says one word, though is very smart in other area's. He's also starting to show more "signs" including lots of repeating things/activities over and over as well as some "hurtful" behavors that seem not to bother him at all.

Anyway, he too is in OT and Speech, has been for 8 months now, each of them come once a week then he is in a special OT play group once a week too....I feel your pain and wish you good luck, lots of prayers and (((HUGS)))
Jenn; Aubrey (7); Zachary (35 1/2 months)
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