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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

I voted Other. You need to strip your dipes ASAP.

We usually wash every 2-3 days and the wash is full, a complete load. So there must be 30 or more dipes, wipes, and covers in there all at once.

I don't have a volume setting for the water. My machine adds the amount of water based on the weight of the laundry (I have a front loader) so I have no control over that though the water volume is fine to me.

I had this issue in January and it was just a mess. DS was getting rashes on top of rashes. My poor baby was constantly irritated by dipe changes. I wiped of his feces, washed his bum with a hot towel and his soap, then I used pure aloe vera gel on his bum to clear up the rashes (with each dipe change even urine only ones, just until the rashes went away). It worked well and it did not mess up the dipes.

As for the dipes, I got rid of all but a small handful of AIOs. I think they were just too difficult to keep completely clean. This just worked for me. You don't have to do that if you don't want to.

Then I attacked my pockets. Yeah they smelled horribly after being washed plus they had odd colors starting to cover them. So I took half my FB's with the worst staining and I stripped them. For me that means, I did a normal wash followed by 5 hot water only washes. Out of that about 4 of the FBs still were not clean. I had to bleach those (I brushed on a bleach/water solution on the inside) and then I did the 5 hot water washes again. Our hot water is set to 140 degrees; be sure to check your setting at your water heater or on your washer. That did the trick. Those dipes are almost perfectly clean and white with no stains and no stink. I HATE putting bleach in my septic system, but truly nothing else worked for those really bad ones.

Then I took the other half of the pockets and did the same.

BTW: only DH and the DCP uses those pockets. I only use organic cotton fitteds/dipes with wool inserts and DS would always do well in these so I knew something was wrong with the way the pockets were getting cleaned (DH generally washes these). So I changed the way he washes his dipe loads so that we don't have this issue again.

This is our current wash cycle (non-stripping washes):

1.) cold wash, detergent (Biokleen; we have hard water; this has just worked well for us), Calgon (cold water version of Borax), and Anti-Icky Poo (enzyme cleaner) in the bleach section. Extra rinse.

2.) Hot water wash only (no detergents, nothing)

3.) repeat step two

I have yet to have an issue though it took us 9-10 months to get the pockets at such a point that they had this issue in the first place that I can't tell you how long we'll go before we need to strip again.

Good luck!
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