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Smile Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

Depends sometimes I don't allow my self to let 6 pile up but I try to wash once the diaper pale is full which is about 24 diapers or so on the largest water setting (XL).

I let it go through one entire long cycle with the extra rins on with just cold water nothing else.

Then once it's done I wash again with home made powdered soap (I've tried other soaps including Seventh Generation which made my diaper STINK even after I used Bio Clean on them). With the homemade detergent all I use is a tablespoon or two for a super large load. I also add some white vinegar in the "bleach" slot & if the diaper have been in the pale for 3days I might add some tea tree oil in the "fabric softner" area of the washer. I let that go for a whole cycle with the extra rinse on.

Once that's done I let it go one more time with nothing added & the extra cycle off.

Once it's done I hang the diapers on a hanging rack in my laundry room & I put the inserts in the dryer with nothing (no dryer sheets).

They come out super fluffy & nice & the diapers are left to dry & end up super white, clean, & if they smell at all then they have a slight clean smell (but not like with detergent, plus their not supposed to smell anway).

Seem like a lot but it isn't once they are in the washer all I have to do is walk in about 40minutes later & just reset, it's sort of cool because I know I have 40minutes to go do another chore.

As far as a diaper rash cream we use lil out laws but will be honest & say that as much as I heard about them it wasn't the miracle I thought/hoped it would be as a matter of fact it does nothing on it's onef or my DD who gets aweful diaper rashes & has needed
medication on her bum.

BUT when I use the lil out laws rump rub IN COMBINATION with a layer or two of corn starch (YUP the food) it works wonders.

But then so does when my mom comes over & mixes us some olive oil, water & corn starch & makes a paste out of it & puts it on her bum, next diaper change she's almost 100% better.

Although corn starch alone doesn't do it. I know that Lil Outlaws rump rumb is made with olive oil so that maybe the combination that works for us.

What I like best is using one of those PariBottles (like the ones your given after giving birth at the hospital) and mixing olive oil, water & very little tree tea oil. Spreading some of that on & then cornstarch over it works wonders for us BUT when I'm lazy & don't feel like mixining any I grab the Lil Outlaws' rump rub.

Hope that helps mama.
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