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vax question...about my brother

okay i was looking for and found his vax booklet thinggie. my brother is 7, turns 8 in november was born 11-98.

im trying to figure out what hes had and stuff so that i can try to help my mom. well this thing only goes to his first two visits and the hospital but its something to go on anyway...

he had
hepatitis b at 3 days
hepatitis b at exactly 1 month
and te ORAL polio
at 2 months and a couple days.
this is all late 98 and really early 99, is there anything especailly bad that was in them then and isnt now, or anything?

and what other than the virus being live i think is worse about the OPV than the IPV??
i dont think they give the oral one anymore at all, right?

and i cant BELIEVE he got all this stuff at 2 months and under,thats just sooo crazy!!
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