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Re: DFW mamas

Hey everybody. Sorry I've been MIA lately. Things have just been crazy around here.

In addition to adjusting to a newborn ( who is actually sleeping pretty well at night as long as I co-sleep with him), Noah is sick. He threw up Saturday night. As of yesterday, Monday, he hadn't eaten anything since getting sick Saturday night. Yesteday he munched on some crackers, and some chips his brother had. So imagine my delight when I asked him if he was hungry this morning and I got a very heartfelt "YEAHS!" AND he wanted juice too!

Sunday night (about 1 am Monday morning), Christian woke up throwing up. Poor kid was screaming, he was so scared. I just rubbed his back and talked softly to him until he was done. THANKFULLY he was over it pretty quickly! Just the one time throwing up, and no diareah.

And yesterday Noah only had one diareah diaper.

Poor kid has been so lethargic. For the last three days all he has pretty much done is fall asleep in random places in the living room, between being awake for only an hour or so at a time.

This morning he was a little playful. He still isn't at his best, but definately better.

To top all of that off, *I* woke up sick yesterday morning *sigh*.

I seem to be feeling better today though, so again, thankfully, it appears that I got over it rather quickly.

And amid all this, Levi is back to cluster feeding.... feeding for just about 10 minutes, but then wanting to do it every hour in the evening.

So yeah... that's why I've been MIA. Again, very thankful tha if I HAD to get sick, that it was a quick illness, and that it was also quick for Christian.

God bless!
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