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Re: Placenta Encapsulation

Originally Posted by Sparklebug View Post
Question for those of you who've done it... what kind of reaction do you get from people? Or do you just not mention it, to avoid any negative reactions? I've mentioned it to my mom and DH before, kind of in passing. DH had little to no mom thinks it's nasty, so I sort of feel like if I have it done I just won't say anything to anyone besides DH. IDK?
I told my DH and I think he was apprehensive at first but after I explained the benefits to him he was cool about it. I also told my mother. She thought it was weird but didnt say much and again I told her the benefits and that was that. I found out that she was going around telling everyone she knew about it. And not in an educational way but in a "my daughter is crazy guess what she's doing now" kinda way. I had a good talk with her and explained that I shared that with her in private and I didn't appreciate her making a joke of me and my choices. She promptly stopped. I have not told anyone else and will not unless they are like minded.
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