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Re: Inappropriate place to NIP?

Maybe I'm missing here.... but why are some of you taking issue with me and a few other moms wanting to use a cover-up when it's anyone beyond DH, our baby and the mom?! Is there a law somewhere that makes it wrong?!

I swear, every time I mention my cover people get all hyper-spazzy. I mean come on, maybe your kid doesn't like their head covered. Well you know what? My DD couldn't care less, in fact she LIKES the cover. She associates it with eating and she also associates it with getting a break from the crazy world. Hmmm... maybe my child is different than yours. OH WELL!

Bottom line: I am not saying anyone else has to use a cover. I AM saying that it is also anyone's right to use a cover and say they use a cover without hearing all the junk about how it's wrong or whatever the excuse of the day is.

You don't have to like my decision, but I do ask that you respect it, just like I respect yours.
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