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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

My worst were definitely the Funky Diaper Company. I wanted to love a local business - but 3 out of the 6 I bought were defective (broken snap, cover that was not waterproof, elastic gone on leg), and the customer service was crap. They said I had to pay shipping to replace them - even though they sent defective ones (they came that way, not after use). They also wing due to the snap problem mentioned before. Too bad - they are cute and local - but seriously crap.

I have WAY too many CDs. But I really do love them. I love my MotherEase (so easy), I love my Sammys Cotton Sherpa (stretchy, great fit and not expensive), and I LOVE my woolybottoms covers. I also have some pockets, but the BG organic cotton one I bought is really not worth the $$ (IMO). Not my go-to diaper. I even prefer the Kissaluv AIO (although it is fairly plastic-y). I love most of my diapers, depending on my mood. I bought some Kauai baby diapers from Ebay (BC company). Good solid pocket diaper. Fit better than others I've had.
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