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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

I started with 6 small fuzzi bunz & 10 borrowed diaper covers for my newborn (3 wks old) and quickly became addicted to the FBs!! I have a cloth diaper service that delivers clean pre-folds (gift from baby shower) and so I just stuff them into the pocket & it works great. They are a little bulky on his 9lb frame but with all the snaps -there is a lot of room to grow! I have spent hours researching between g diapers & fuzzi bunz and it sounds like it just depends on the build of the baby. I was glad I purchased only a few in the beginnign & tried different kinds to see. I still haven't tried g diapers yet - am thinking about trying out their starter kit to see b/c I do like the disposable/compostable liners as an option when traveling.
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