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PSA regarding "language" on DiaperSwappers~

We are seeing an increase in language lately.

Rather than go on a massive pm'ing spree we thought we'd link to rules real quick and remind everyone language is not allowed on these forums.

Rules and Faq's

There is a filter that catches offensive words and replaces them with *** so if you have to type different letters or symbols to try to get the word in, you are breaking a rule.

Some words like "assuming" are allowed but the capitalization of the first three letters when in reference to something another member has posted is considered offensive. Please, keep this in mind.

Thanks ladies!


In the past, we did not allow the use of WTF or other acronyms of curse words/phrases. These are now allowed on this site. It is the actual words typed out that are not allowed. Also, cre8tive spellings to get around the filter are still not allowed.

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