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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

There is 6 years between my oldest and my 2nd and although they get along pretty good I wouldn't recommend that much space. They are not always interested in the same things and it ends up making my oldest feel left out. There is 27 months between my 2nd and my 3rd which has worked our great. They play well together...although they do have there arguments. And when my 3rd was a baby my 2nd was old enough to be my "Big Boy" helper...instead of if he was younger...he may have still wanted to be "the baby".

We liked that space so much that I am pregnant again and as long as everything goes as planned there will be about 30 months between my 3rd and 4th. Good luck deciding....every family is different and there is no perfect time to have another baby...just go with what works for you and your spouse.
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