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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

Originally Posted by bridget222 View Post
every family is different and there is no perfect time to have another baby...just go with what works for you and your spouse.

Originally Posted by browneyeNYmomma View Post
Also, I guess maybe that would interfere with concieving if AF isn't back yet
LOL, we had no problem conceiving when AF wasn't back yet! Boy were we surprised

DH and I both agreed that when DD was around one year old, we'd stop "being careful". Anytime after that was ok with us for #2.

I wanted them close in age, (my sisters and I are around 2 years apart each) but I never thought we'd end up having them be 13 months apart. And that's perfectly ok with us. We're excited! I enjoy pregnancy (for the most part) and I'm willing to take on the challenge of two in diapers

Everyone has an opinion. Some people will say you are crazy, and then moms with children very close in age say they are the best of friends and to "have them all while you're young". Ha!

You just gotta do what's best for you
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