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Re: A Double-Dog Dare for those that are challenged by their little girl's hair!!

[QUOTE=Sakari;9787471]oh you are sooooooo PRETTY!!!!! Do you guys have a date for the wedding yet?? Don't stress! trust me - it's soooo not worth it. I know it's impossible not to, but it's really all going to work out fine. And after all, the point is to get married, right? No doubt, that's gonna happen on that day! So who cares how the rest of it goes?? awww DH wants a dog, sooooo bad. But he wants a Great Dane.

I also wanted a great dane, but Jon won! boo... She's causing a lot of issues with pottying in her cage CONSTANTLY!

Wedding will PROBABLY be on November 13th if we can get this residency over and most of our debt paid down.

I know it's not worth it. Right now we're mostly stressing over the residency though and getting everything planned out!

Thanks Sakari for the Pretty comment!

Rebekah- CONGRATULATIONS!! And thanks for the comment as well!
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