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Re: Body changes

Girl, I hear ya! I was barely even a size before I was preggie with DD and now I'm a D! No kidding!

I really started to notice a difference in size around 17 weeks. By the fifth month, I had the boobs of my dreams. After about 7 months, boob size is totally overshaddowed by the mass that is the baby belly.

The only down side that I feel I must warn you about is the terrible price us "little" girls pay for having boobs. In order to actually accomodate the size, my skin had to stretch A LOT which means I now have horrendous stretch marks (think a five year old's drawing of all the sun beams shooting out from the sun). Say goodbye to ever wearing a skimpy swimsuit and say hello to explaining to your 2 year old niece that the stretch marks are not actually cuts or owwwies.

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