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Re: Body changes

I know all about the fluctuations, I promise. Before my first, I was barely a B, then popped out to a D by the end of the pregnancy. When my milk came in I was a DDD and had trouble finding bras that fit me right. I felt like I had a pair of footballs strapped to my chest. My second baby was conceived when the first was six months, so there was never any deflation that time, but after my third, I went down to barely an A! I was so sad! I'm still there, my little As, and I'm anxious for that lovely round look. Hehe.

But I definitely agree, the stretch marks are there. I didn't get any other stretch marks until a few minor ones on my belly during my third pregnancy (and a couple on my rear) but my darling breasts look like they've been grafiti-ed on. But, hey, these are working breasts!! I've never really been one for skimpy tops, though I should have dared during my first, voluptuous pregnancy, but alas. It's not like I spend a lot of time without a bra unless I'm nursing, and then - they're working breasts! Man, I love nursing!
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