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Re: Doc. Not liking ecological breastfeeding for PP birth control.

Originally Posted by cwieberdink View Post
When my clients come back for their 6 week postpartum, I ASK them if THEY want to talk about birth control, and then I discuss pros and cons of their options if they want the info. Otherwise, if they say no, that's the end. It shouldn't matter to the doc what you do. If it's less effective, more business for him right?
That is true, Plus she knows I am open to "accidents" if it fails because I want 3 or 4 anyways, and I wanted a boy really really badly this time (she knew that too) And an accident is more likely to be a miracle IMO because this one took a year TTC. Its not like I'm fertile Myrtle or anything.

Since I told her all that stuff before, her asking about my BC like that makes me think she has an opinion on how many kids I have. Or that maybe she obligated to tell me what is most effective, and that LAM/EBF is a myth.

ETA: My OB has 3 girls of her own so maybe she didn't like it that I took the "It's a girl" news kinda hard for a few days (We swayed for a boy). Maybe she is worried that if I have another girl I will spiral into severe gender dissapointment LOL.
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