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Re: Doc. Not liking ecological breastfeeding for PP birth control.

IF you feel you must say something to him, give him some actual written info on LAM and/or NFP. Did you tell him it worked for your pregnancy this time? Lots of times with doctors I just smile and go about my bidness.....since it is MY bidness. If he asks again, ask him why he is so curious. Tell him "nothing we want to have our kids close together" or something. Or tell him thanks for the info they provide, if YOU have any questions or need more info, you will be sure to ASK him. If not, then you are set . Even my MW's would ask me and I guess it's just standard to ask people. I dunno, you can try the tactful suggestions on here, but if it were up to me and he kept asking, I would be a smart@ss or b!tchy to him, lol
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