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Re: What is it with people lately????

Sorry you're having to deal with this. Trades are one of the hardest things to do. You have to depend on the honesty of another person and the honor system. I, like you, try to be as honest as possible and as positive and nice as possible. I know we all get our feelings hurt sometimes and get our panties in a knot when we get upset but I think it's only fair that each of us goes out of our way to help other mamas out. I think it's totally annoying when people scam or rip others off.

I think, since it's an honest mistake, that the mama should at least be forgiving about the situation. I'm not sure if she was angry or not but I have had a few trades that have happened like this. I have made honest mistakes and have admitted it to the mamas and most of the time they are nice enough to work things out. However, I have learned from my experiences that even though I'm CDing to save money, maybe it's just worth it to save myself the headache and just buy new. I would encourage anyone that can afford to do so to go that route. It saves the headache of having to deal with dishonest, mean people and you know for a fact that you're going to get top quality dipes. I know we all can't afford that and at times I've not been able to but if you're tired of the drama, I think this is really the only route to go.

mama. I hope you get it worked out somehow! People like that ruin the atmosphere around here (as in people who scam). .
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