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Re: Anyone else have light positives?

Originally Posted by contemplation31
With #3, I was soooo wanting to get prego that I was going to my doc for a test every other week! lol (store test $$$,,,doc+good insurance=free!) Anyway lol! The last time, the tech brought the test out and said here you go. I looked, my face fell, and I started to walk out. She told me to look closer. There was the FAINTEST line you can imagine!! She told me that ANY line meant pos, no matter how faint whether its a urine or serum test! #3 is getting ready to turn 8 and #4 is expected in a few months
Thanks for your story. Did the $$$ store tests give you the earliest positives even if very light??

I'm TRYING to hold out until Father's Day to retest, but it's so difficult. I'm sure I won't wait that long unless someone hides the tests!

Good luck to you on #4 baby. We're trying for #4 as well.


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