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Re: Poll- How often do you buy new?

i buy new on alot of things. I just can't make myself pay much for used dipes. The most i'd pay for a used FB is prolly $10 and thats for a VGUC to EUC one. I'd rather buy one new for $14. But for other people they'd rather save the couple dollars and buy used. I understand mamas selling the dipes for higher prices cause i do it to. I start out a little high and come down if a mama asks. But to me i'd rather buy new and know the dipes past care and pay a couple extra dollars for it. I don't mind paying a near new cost for something that a mama only washed or something and didn't fit their baby. Also if i've bought from a mama here before and know they are honest and all that i'd be more comfortable buying from them again for used dipes. I've gotten some crappy dipes from 1 or 2 mamas here and it makes me leary of buying used dipes....

eta: Yes ~ resale value does impact my decision as to what to buy. I LOVE my FFs and i know other mamas here do to so i know those will resale well. Also FBs seem to sell better than HHs. Both fit my dd well but i try to get new FBs before HHs cause i know they will have a higher resale value. but i keep 8 HHs for my dh to use and gma...they don't get snaps

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