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Re: Anyone used a post-partum waist cincher/abdominal girdle??

Originally Posted by poopstermomma View Post
I had read that they aren't a great idea, since you really need to let your body do the supporting. Like a pp said, your body will become dependent on it, and not strengthen the muscles it needs to. I didn't use one, and never felt the need for it.
I think it depends. I never felt like I needed one and didn't use one after DD1. But after DD2 I had diastasis pretty badly. Didn't use one with her either. But I paid for the diastasis later on, it got worse and my back KILLED me. I started lite binding with just an ace bandage at 13 months PP and it helped SO much!!!! So I have been using one this time and it's almost already healed the daistasis completely! I don't wear it regularly, maybe a few hours every other day or so. (I've heard constant use can also aggravate prolapse, which I don't want to do as I had light issues with that last time too)

It's a very common practice in other countries and they certainly benefit from it. I don't think it would be that way if it was harmful.
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