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Re: Anyone used a post-partum waist cincher/abdominal girdle??

I've had a diastasis from each of my pregnancies. I worked as a physical therapist pre-kids but really haven't done as much as I should to address the diastasis (split abdominal muscles).

I did wear a binder after I had my 2nd child, but not as much as I should have.

If you have a diastasis, the binder is really a good idea, particularly for anyone who wears a sling/does a front carry with their baby.

I would also say it is important to address strengthening the abdominal muscles appropriately (NOT crunches if you are dealing w/ a diastasis). I like the Tupler program (Lose your Mummy Tummy) which addresses strengthening the transverse abdominus muscles appropriately in conjunction w/ splinting.
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