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Re: Poll- How often do you buy new?

I rarely bought new.
When we decided to CD we had a very tight budget. We figured into our weekly budget for cloth adn i was only able to have $5-$8 per week for cloth dipers. So for a month to build a stash i had $20-$32 a month to build a good stash with fitteds, AIO's, pockets, covers, prefolds and everyhting that kind of budget doesnt allow for a whole lot. So i started in the auction houses and went from there. For the most part i got well taken care of stuff. I wouldnt buy anything from houses with pets (allergies), non smokers of course, and i woudlnt buy things with stains. Sometimes i got stained stuff and i would just sun it really well. Everyhthing that came into our home was immediately washed in HOT HOT water and sunned. I was ripped off a few times and didnt get stuff and would get some really raggy lookin stuff, but for the most part i got some good deals.
Ive was albe to have a rpetty good Hyena stash buying used, i can remember only paying $7 for a used Fusbaby cover. It was immaculate! I was able to get a Kiwi Pie cover that was never used for $10. So i was albe to build a good stash but i had to hunt for deals.
Later as DD got older and DH was able to earn more money i bought new from only one store because i loved her fitteds.
Now, if im able to have another baby ill do used again, really, i dont mind used. Unless its make specifically for my kid i wont waste that money for a new item, its just a diaper. Im
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