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Re: Not losing weight while breastfeeding

Some women (I have no idea of what percentage) actually hang onto or gain weight while nursing... it's just one of those strange things, I think.

I was 208 when I delivered DD... started off that pregnancy at 155ish (I had just quit smoking a couple months before, and packed on 20lbs!) I was down to 165 at 6 weeks (yay!), thought I was doing super, then shot back up to almost 200 in the next two months... turns out my thryoid totally quit working!! Since then (and taking synthroid) I've lost about 25lbs, but I've got about 25lbs to go before I'll feel like I'm at a "normal" weight for me... but I'm not too worried about it right now. I'll be able to do more when I'm not nursing to get rid of the excess - right now my baby is the more important one, KWIM?

I wasn't back to my pre-preg weight after DS until nearly 3 years later, but I never actively tried to get rid of it... so I think my body just takes a bit longer to "bounce back".

I have to laugh at my little sis because she's convinced that she'll be back below PP weight in just a few months - and she's already gained 50lbs with at least a month to go - but it doesn't always work that way. I never thought my thyroid would up and quit on me, making things MUCH more difficult (thankfully I never experienced any supply issues related to the thryroid issues, which tend to be pretty common), but even still, I'm sure I'd be hovering at around 170ish anyways... I've been stuck at this weight for quite a while now.
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