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Re: Share your nursing pics!

Originally Posted by 1boy1girl1kitty2
these are all so beautiful now i wish i could nurse. i tried but was unsuccessfull (he was 10lbs 14 oz) he started off at 5 oz bottles and was still hungry and i could only produce less than 4 oz a day.

i'm sorry you had a rough time of it {{hugs}}

A babies weight at birth doesnt have anything to do with your milk. (not bashing you, just whoever told you that..probably a clueless nurse). colustrum is enough to sustain even a 12 pounder at birth for the first few days. babies are so water logged at birth that that is all they need. Also, what a mother pumps is less than what the baby takes in. A baby is the best breast pump . I could only get about 1oz out when pumping and i was nursing a newborn and a toddler.

Next time get a good lactation consultant to help you with nursing and different latch techniques.

I didn't nurse my oldest because he was "too small" according to the nurse at the hospital. AND i was only getting an oz or so after pumping for 30-45 minutes and thought i didn't have enough milk.
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