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Re: What is it with people lately????

Thanks Rowynne for bringing this up in apublic forum. I would never have thought to do it!

Ladies, I am the buyer of the 3 diapers in question. Thanks for making sure both sides of the story were given before making your judgements.

I find it interesting that you have not added to your story that I specifically asked you the condition of the elastic in the diapers before I bought them. Your response was not GUC, it was VGUC.

I also did not say I could fix them. I said I would have to pay to have someone fix them. There is a huge difference in the two. It would have been $6 a diaper for elastic repair because the diapers are serged on the outer egde, making them much harder to repair.

Of course, I did not buy diapers to have to repair them. They were supposed to be in VGUC, like you said.

I am also new to cloth diapering. If anyone looks at my feedback, you will see it is zero. This was my first diaper swapper purchase. It was also the first time I bought either diaper brand. However, in my little experience, I know fitteds should have some elastic.

If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to post all of our PM communication, I have saved it all.

And thank you Rowynne for finally refunding my money. Of course, I am paying to ship them back to you. So $4.5 and a week full of headaches from begging you to do something to resolve this. I think you need to get over your pity party.

Sorry to hear about your trade. I can not believe a mama would be dishonest with another mama. We should all try and stick together. Hopefully, she will resolve the issue for you.
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