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A ? for mamas with intact sons

Lately, my 17 month old son's foreskin has been reddened. Sunday am, it was not only red but really swollen! This has happened once before (there were blisters at that time as well) and my family doctor thought perhaps it was yeast and we treated it as such. It cleared up right away. I have used the antifungal cream on it maybe once daily since then but it has continued to be red and now swollen. It also looks red and irritated on the inside surface of the foreskin as well. We have not forcibly retracted his foreskin although I have gently pulled it back a bit (but not over the glans) to apply the antifungal cream. Do you think I've messed too much with it?? I feel bad for doesn't seem to bother him too much, but still. Have any of you had similar problems?? I haven't changed my wash routine...maybe have to go back to sposises at night?? I don't know!! Thanks for any advice! First boy after 3 experience with boys!!
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