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Talking Holy Dye Batman! Dylon LWI - dye galore!

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So I've never done much dyeing before... Never did a tie-dye shirt for school or anything like that. I think I dyed my hair once? The closest I got is probably dyeing eggs for Easter. And looking back, I've always loved that part of the holiday - so why didn't I move to fabric dyeing sooner?

Anyway I've been wanting and wanting to dye fabric for some reason. Just got it into my head and couldn't get rid of it. I bought a bunch of Dylon from JA and had it sitting around. My only problem was that I really love the LWI look, and I didn't know if I could do it with Dylon.

So, found a sorta tut online, grabbed a yard of CV and went to work last night. Sorta making it up as I went along...

Before: Stark white CV
After: Planet Earth!

I think I'm going to make a baby blanket with it - for the mamas who love those kinds of blankets but aren't big bamboo fans for whatever reason. What do you think?

I really loved the ease of the Dylon (no additional additives were needed other than some salt). I know I'll probably "graduate" to the Procion dyes at some point but for ease of use, I'm a huge Dylon fan!!!

Anyone else want to share their Dylon love?

Okay, off for more dyeing.... TOLD you I'm addicted already!!!!
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