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Holy moley, I can't believe I'm here!! I have a 13mo DD. I had my first PP AF on Feb 8. It was loooong and really heavy. Then, nothing. I tested after 4 weeks... BFN. At 5wks, I was pretty sure I was ovulating based on CM and how I was feeling. This didn't come as a shock since DD still nurses every couple hours around the clock and I wasn't expecting to be regular. I was out of town when I o'd, so we hadn't DTD since 4 days earlier before I left. About a week later I got really sluggish, so today I took a test. It was faint, but definitely positive! I'm totally in awe that the any swimmers hung out for 4 days, but I guess anything is possible!!
If I base my due date on when I think I o'd, it'd be Dec 8 or thereabouts. We definitely weren't expecting to get pregnant this quickly, but we are excited and feeling very blessed. I have a history of erratic cycles. Even trying it took a year to get pregnant before.
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