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Re: Gluten Free, dairy free and in a cooking rut...

LOL! I do eat more than rice and eggs. We have 9 chickens that are laying about 6-8 eggs a day, so we do a LOT of eggs here. I miss quiche, though, and get tired of scrambled, fried, boiled, etc. We do chili and other meat dishes. I love the idea of chicken nuggets! DD2 can't eat gluten, either, so it would be great for her.

The Blue Bonnet Light....does it taste like margerine/butter or does it have an off flavor? I bought one dairy free margerine and it just tasted weird.

Hormel has some gluten free sandwich meats. I don't think it keeps very long, though. Look for the burgundy box....Natural something or other. It says gluten free right on it.

And I'm totally trying that flat bread tonight! I make Chebe/Brazillian cheese bread (leaving out the cheese) often, but I can only eat so much of it at one time. The flatbread sounds awesome! I miss a good soft taco so much!

I've been GF for a year now and dairy free for about 9 months. I think I'm just missing things like Pizza....REAL pizza, not my wanna be version of it.....and stuff like that. Please keep the ideas coming! I am sure my family will be even more grateful than I am. LOL!
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