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Re: Defining EC for people who haven't heard of it.

I define it as caring for my baby 100%. I listen when she is hungry, tired, in pain, over stimulated, and....when she has to potty. Odd, how this has been excluded from standard care for our children.

For me, it is my personal desire to never allow my baby to sit in her own excrement for more than second, preferably never if I get her to the potty.

However, when this statement is said, other parents seem to be offended - as it just made them realize the strongness of my statement, and it seems to make them question their own parenting. I feel sorry for them b/c they were never given the option for something else (or else never researched it).

Like how we promote formula vs breast - we promote diapers vs EC. If it makes money for big business then you hear about it.
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