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Discovering boy parts

Last night my son (will be 3 in August) was in my tub and I was sitting on the one of the steps to the tub reading as I often do after they are all washed and they just want to play for a while. So he was playing and after a few minutes I noticed he was being kind of quiet, he normally is very loud and half the tub of water ends up on the floor. So I look up and he is standing up, so I said baby sit down before you fall and hurt yourself, he says "mama, look at dis"
so I stand up and he's got his testicles in one hand so I said yes baby now sit down. He sits down and I go back to reading. A about 2 minutes later I see out of the corner of my eye he stands up again and is checking them out yet again and he says while pinching them "hey, what is in there"
So then I called for my husband to come and take care of the explaination. I didn't know what to tell him. So Stephen finishes the bath gets him in his pj's and to bed and I ask him, so what'd you tell him? He says, I told him they were his balls @@ I was like, you couldn't have told him something a little more in 2 1/2- 3 year old terms? He's like should I have told him they were his testicles?? I said that would have been better.
So fast forward to this morning, my mother comes over and he says "hi nonni, I have some balls"
Lord help me with these boys. so my question is, what is an age appropriate response to the question that my son asked and do you discourage them from talking about it the way my son did to my mother
I'm not a prude by a longshot, but I don't want my son talking about his scrotum all the time :/
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