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Re: Discovering boy parts

For the PP who said it goes away in a couple of days, wanna swap kids? DJ's been on this obsession for almost a year! I have taught him that it is his penis but most of the time he calls it his pee pee. He recently discovered that Daddy's pee pee is hairy and mommy doesn't have a pee pee at all. He was using the potty the other day and got all excited because "Look pee pee's really big!" Yay! I have taught him that we don't talk about/play with/show off our private parts around other people but every time he goes to the potty or takes a bath, we have to go through:
"This is my peepee?"
"Yes, honey, that's your peepee."
"Daddy has one too? And Paw? And Baby James?"
"Yes honey."
"But not Mommy? Or Grandma? Or Aunt Bonnie?"
"No honey."
"Why not?"
"Because boys have peepees and girls don't."
"Ohh... But I do."
"Yes you do."
"And you don't."
"No I don't."
"But you have boobies and I have a chest?"

And it can go on like this for a while...
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