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Re: xbox 360 question

Hmm the five year old might like wall-E, it got amazing reviews, if you have xbox live you can download a demo of it (your husband should know where to go to find the demos) it has been so long since we tried out the dmeo of it I am not quiet sure what age demographic it was targeting but a quick run on a demo will let you and the child know if it is a game they are ready to play.

But ratatouille is most definitely be up the five years olds ally and will be entertaining for the three year old to watch. My nephews and nieces love to play it on the game cube and the younger babies and toddlers love to sit down and watch and pretend they are playing with an unplugged controller.

By now both games should be very cheap to buy. If gaming ends up being their thing then by all means use it as a reward for good behavior and fulfilling their responsibilities. My husband and I are gamers but we both agree not limiting gaming from the beginning and setting up ground rules first (we both were allowed free range in gaming as children so we remember first hand how quickly it can be abused if allowed) isn't a good idea. Gaming often ends up being all the encouragement needed for proper behavior if used as a reward.

With the 360 you need to make the child their own user avatar and use your parental controls to set limits on it, you can set timer limits for how long they can play at a time, limits on the time of day it can be played, what maturity ratings of games can be played and what they are allowed to have access too (I think you can limit more so on what games can be blocked from being played from why they received their rating scores by like drugs, violence, lanuage and etc, but I am not 100% sure on that one). Even if your not sure they will be playing game very much go ahead and do this now with your husband and you both can establish gaming rules together and find out what is important to the both of you.
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