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Re: Discovering boy parts

Originally Posted by SorenEdenTuckers View Post
My mom said once they find it they never let go.
That is the Gods honest truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Altho my 6 yr old doesn't touch it nearly as often as when he was younger--thank goodness, since he's in School now!!

And fwiw, my ds came up with balls on his own...when asked where he heard it, he said he didn't, it's just what they feel like so your son prob would have come up with it sooner or later. (tho dh's are no help in this area, in my experience!!) And it's really not too much better to hear them announcing that they have a scrotum either!! I do agree w/ pp, just don't make too big of deal(and its hard not to laugh, but try really hard!!). And just keep reminding him that it's private ...but it is just a stage, and since it's attached, you really can't do too much about it
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