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Re: Not losing weight while breastfeeding

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that this is happening to! I gained 27 lbs (really only 15 since I lost 12 in the first 4 mos) with Toby, and I felt-and looked-like a house. I was at my pre-pregnancy weight pretty quickly, but I still looked really, um, fluffy. He's 10 mos, and I'm just starting to really LOOK like I've lost any weight. PCOS has kicked my butt as far as weight goes since I was 14. It got better when I was on meds, and has so far stayed under control since I've gone off the medications. Now I just think I'm holding on to the weight because I don't have time to exercise! I hate jogging at 4 am! Anyone know where to get a cheap jogging stroller?!
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