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Re: How far apart are you children?

YA'LL HAVE MADE MY DAY!!! So many of you have made me so encouraged. My husband and I are in love with our 11 month old more than we ever realized was possible. However, until reading so many of your positive comments about having kids close together I was a little nervous about having mine 19-20 months apart. We are moving to Arkansas from NC in August (away from both of our families/ I have never been there and don't know anyone there) and I just found out last week I was pregnant. Funny story...went to the gynecologist to get an annual exam and they checked just to be sure I wasn't pregnant...I WAS ...Total surprise, but what a wonderful surprise. The babies will be closer than planned so I was nervous (I don't even know how far along I am, just that I must be very fertile ). I feel like I was just pregnant, but thanks to so many encouraging thoughts about kids being close in age, I am even more thrilled! So anyway, I appreciate it...Please pray for me...I go to the doc to see how far along on Friday
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