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Re: Is this normal for BF poo?

3mo ds has had several bouts with green stringy or mucousy poo! When he has them I try to pay more attention to making sure he gets hindmilk - staying just on one side and encouraging him to take more if he hasn't eaten long. And if he's hungry again within 2hr I put him back on the same side.

I also noticed this happens when my water intake slips (a lof of Mondays b/c we are at my moms on Sun and I hate her water - so we bought a Culligan gallon and refill it each week at her walmart for $.33.), so it made me wonder if the milk was either not as plentiful or if it was "thicker" and he didn't want to work as hard at it ??? I have NO idea. But usually it was back to "normal" within a day or two.
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