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To disturb or not to disturb LO in the morning

My DS (15m) will spend a good hour in his crib in the morning playing (not that I leave him in there for an hour, but maybe once or twice I have while I needed to catch a few more zzz's). He laughs, sings, talks, etc. Sometimes I go in to get him and he has all of his stuffed animals lined up in one side of the crib and he is on the other side so happy and babbling.
He usually wakes up around 7ish while I am in the shower and I leave him in there until I am finished getting ready and I have his breakfast ready. Everyone I talk to says to let him play in there because he is content and working on his independence and socialization.
I am okay with leaving him there, but my mother was here last week and she insisted that I should go get him because its just not fair to leave him in there.
So my question is do you/would you leave your LO if they were playing in their crib/room? Poll coming...
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